About Us

The Mountain View Men’s Golf Association is a non profit organization founded in 1968. We are dedicated to the betterment of Mt View golf course, educating and upholding the rules and etiquette of the game and promoting an enjoyable, social atmosphere for our members.

Our annual membership is over 200 players. Annual Dues are $40 for existing members and $50 for new members. Dues go towards funding special events, meals and other activities throughout the year. Tournament fees are $18 for 1 day events and $36 for 2 day events on top of regular green and cart fees. One hundred percent of tournament fees go into tournament payouts. We also have corporate and personal sponsors providing extra purse money to most events.

Our tournaments include something for everyone

  • The A+ Cup Season Long Points Shootout
  • Flighted individual tournaments.
  • Annual Spring Classic.
  • Annual Member/Guest tournament.
  • 2-Man Best Ball tournaments.
  • Chicago style tournaments.
  • Annual year ending Awards Banquet as well as other social events.